Case Studies

Case Studies

GWNETWORKCO has a storied history of success with search engine optimization campaigns. Over the years, we have evolved and incorporated new and exciting services. Today, we strongly advocate an integrated strategy for internet marketing, and our case studies demonstrate our services’ level of success.

Our most recent successes include multiple services for a single client; these services are skillfully integrated so that the internet marketing campaign can be a success.

We wish that we could talk about all of our successes. The internet marketing case studies below are for clients with a combination of SEO services and Social Media Marketing or PPC Management. Experienced strategists integrate these strategies, leading to success in all campaign areas.

Entrepreneur Magazine Logo

$2 Million per month in New Revenue

GWNETWORKCO had the privilege of being asked to participate in a groundbreaking third-party case study performed by Frost & Sullivan for organic search engine optimization.

The result of Frost’s research included an in-depth white paper discussing the SEO industry and practices that lead to successful campaigns; it also had a case study of one of our top clients, Entrepreneur Magazine. As a result, our Professional SEO Services directly impacted SEO.

OxyFresh Logo

Manual Penalty Removal and a 233% increase in Organic Traffic.

Two years before engaging with GWNETWORKCO, Oxi Fresh had been attacked by a destructive Link Farm. As a result of the Link Farm, Oxi Fresh’s rankings had been severely damaged by a Manual Penalty from Google.

As a result, Oxi Fresh knew it needed SEO services to gain visibility on searches if it wanted to become one of the fastest-growing franchises in the US. 

IGN logo

1500% Increase in Search Traffic

IGN’s goals were to “Dominate the search rankings for keywords related to any video games and gaming systems reviewed on the site.”

In addition, IGN wanted to rank high in the search engines and, most specifically, Google for all game titles and variants on those game titles’ phrases. 

TIBCO logo

Conversion rate from 5.30% to 10.45%

TIBCO is a B2B enterprise software solutions provider whose primary focus is helping companies achieve SOA and BPM success. TIBCO’s stated overall objective from their website from paid search is to have visitors download free whitepapers and Ajax applications.

Specific to paid search, the goal of the entire campaign is to drive registrations for those desired actions at the lowest price point possible while building brand awareness among their target market.

Tacori logo

1,136% Increase in Facebook Traffic

TACORI Enterprises has built a notable reputation for being one of the premier jewelers in the country, creating some of the world’s most highly regarded diamonds and precious stone jewelry.

With their unrelenting dedication to quality and service, the TACORI team was looking to grow and strengthen its online presence through the use of social media.  

teleflora logo

Teleflora Web Development Case Study

Teleflora approached us to assist their in-house developers in re-designing their existing Find-A-Florist directory.

Already an GWNETWORKCO client, Teleflora and their Project Manager collaborated with our Web Development department to develop a plan to assist in the design and front-end coding aligned with Teleflora’s strict design standards and incorporated SEO best practices and strategy. logo
1st place rankings increased by almost 2000%
When approached GWNETWORKCO, their ultimate goal was to beat out their competition by increasing search engine rankings, translating into increased hotel room reservations through their online booking engine.

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